Tips for Choosing the Right Faucet

October 19, 2020

The right set of faucets can define your home’s outlook, making every corner of the house merge effortlessly. Choosing the right plumbing fixtures has a lot to do with creating the ambiance of a space. However, it’s vital to remember that besides adding an aesthetic value to a room, sink faucets are installed to have a purpose depending on its type. Many people make the mistake of purchasing a faucet just for its looks. And, sometimes, choosing a faucet that renders all your needs can turn out to be a tad tedious.

So, how should you choose a faucet?


Tips for Choosing the Right Faucet.

How many handles do you need for your faucet? Although two-handled faucets may seem quite attractive, single-handled ones are, in a way, much more convenient and user-friendly. Having a single handle makes temperature adjustment easier as it’s often considered. Also, single-handled faucets are much easier to be installed than double-handled ones. Nevertheless, it all depends on personal tastes and requirements. For instance, kitchen sinks or bathroom faucets with two handles give you the option to adjust temperatures precisely according to your need.

Additionally, it renders a classical touch of beauty to your home. Let’s say, if you live in a place that has a moderate climate, a single-handled faucet will be handier as you would not have to alter temperatures much. Sanitar offers a wide variety of single and double handled faucets. We wouldn’t swear by any of them, as each of the two models has their benefits. 

Choose the right sink

Choose the right sink.

Now, before shopping for a faucet, you must clearly understand your purpose for it. First, you must choose the appropriate sink for your requirements. Kitchen sinks typically have around four mounting holes – three holes for the faucet and an extra hole for, say, a soap dispenser. But, then, it again depends on the faucet you intend to buy. Some faucets may require just one hole, and if you’re planning to add a dishwasher or a hot water sprinkler, you may have to consider a sink with additional holes.

If you’re are about to buy a kitchen or bathroom faucet for an existing sink that you already have, then your options to choose from can get narrower as you must purchase a compatible one. At Sanitar, we’re well-informed about plumbing supplies. So, we render a wide assortment of faucets to give our customers more options to choose from. Sanitar offers different types of kitchen sink faucets, wall mount faucets, and bathroom sinks that would satisfy your requirements while adding elegance to your home.

Faucet heights do matter

Choose to buy an aerator.

Although you get faucets in different heights, not all of them may be compatible with your sink. As a rule of thumb, it can be safely assumed that a deeper sink bowl would require a taller faucet to avoid too much splashing. On the other hand, Kitchen sink taps must have a more extended reach, especially if there are multiple sink bowls. Our faucets are specially designed to cater to each requirement. A visit to our store can aid you in choosing the right faucet to match your sink.

Choose to buy an aerator

Aerators may not seem like an absolute necessity, but it is quite mandatory and can dynamically change your user experience.  In case you are not familiar with the term, an aerator is a faucet accessory that can be attached to the tip of a faucet head. Aerators control the flow of water and prevent over-splashing.

It’s important to remember that the physical appearance of plumbing fixtures alone will not do the job. What you must be looking for is a product that’s durable and efficient. With these tips in mind, choosing the right faucet becomes more practical.

At Sanitar, we offer a wide variety of faucets that can meet all your needs while delivering the aesthetic quality you desire. Don’t hesitate to drop by our store or contact us via phone to place your order. Our experts can guide you to choose the best option for your home. You can also visit our website at to learn more about our products.