How to plan a bathroom?

How to Plan a bathroom
April 21, 2021

Let there be an engineer’s plan or an interior designer’s creativity, you would have your own ideas and concepts that you wish to see in your dream home. Everyone has a primary plan and ideas about each part of home, and it’s pivotal to have strong plans. Let’s enter your imaginary bathroom and see how it would be in the perfect way. Here you can read what things you should keep in your mind while planning a new bathroom.

Space for bathroom

The idea of space here includes the location of your bathroom and the total area you are planning to grant for it. As you know, there can be common as well as attached bathrooms. As the needs and usages and change according to those matters, the accessories and sanitary products you need may have to change too. The area/ sq ft. also matters a lot in this case. Products and facilities you wish to have in the bathroom should be available in the area. What products can you have in your bathroom?

Bathroom essentials and facilities

Our bathroom needs to be filled with things starting from soap to showers. You can have bathroom essentials even after you planned your bathroom. However, there should be a pre-planned list of facilities. Firstly, you need the most important sanitary products including toilets, bathtub(if the area permits), washbasin and so on. The next set is also sanitary products such as washbasin faucets, showers, shattaf, and water mixers. Sanitar is a perfect destination to get the best sanitaryware products. You also need to have a space for a shelf to keep all your personal care products. Then comes the other essential products such as mirror, personal care tools, wastebasket and so on. 

Finalise a budget

Budget is a serious issue when it comes to planning a bathroom. Interestingly, it is very much dependent on the luxury you need. With a friendly budget you can set up a bathroom because the facilities can be purchased with an affordable price. For instance, Sanitar showers that offer a comforting bath never demand to spend a fortune. Also, they come with minimalist design that has become the norm of our day-today life. By choosing such products, you can save a lot of money.

Level of services you need 

Depending on your budget you can decide what things you expect from the companies. There are several companies that offer everything at one place and give all the installation services. At the same time you have the choice to choose each category of products and services from brands that excel in each category. They provide premium and long lasting sanitaryware products at the best prices. Sanitar is such a brand you can trust on water-based sanitary products. You can visit the showroom and check the products to ensure the quality too. 

There are other things to keep in mind as well such as the layout, lighting, ventilation and so on. After making your plan consult with an expert and seek the possibilities of your plan and set up accordingly.