Best Showers for Bath Meditation

June 23, 2021

Bathing is not just soothing, but meditative as well. If we consider every day’s shower as a meditative process, we would definitely feel a positive vibe. Why is shower a meditation? 

Fundamentally, humans are smart and energetic. However, we all are exhausted, both physically and mentally, due to various reasons. What we all have to do is regain our energy. That’s why meditation does exist. It’s always a good choice to find time for such relaxing activities. Even if you have free time or not, bathing could be a wonderful process of mediation. As you daily go through a 5-minute bath meditation, your body and mind feels refreshed and energized. So, how do you do a bath meditation? Let’s answer another question before that.

Do you need a bathtub for bath meditation?

Quite often people write and talk about how to meditate in the bathtub. A bath meditation in the bathtub with a peaceful fragrance. But do we need a bathtub for mindful meditation? Definitely not. There comes the importance of high quality bathroom showers. The flow of water from a shower is healing. As the lines of drops touch our skin we feel a heightened mental peace. But, focus; otherwise you would miss it. 

Shower meditation

What benefits you get from meditation, you can get from bathing too. Peace of mind, relaxation, energy, and the merits are many. Unlike the bathtub, here the water is flowing, in other words; flowing away.

Before starting the bath, just close your eyes and take deep breaths. As the water touches your face, your heart beats improve with the effect of water. Leave all your thoughts, and stay in a calm state for a while. And think of all the bad thoughts and negativity flowing away along with water. This process is easier since the water is flowing through your skin. Feel the water touching each of your body parts; and touching your heart and soul. And you get a refreshing effect after that. As simple as that. 

Best showers for bath meditation

When it comes to choosing shower for a peaceful meditative bath, a special search is important. With some of the showers in the market, you can make your bathing experience awesome. Here are some of the best Italian style showers for bath meditation from Sanitar.


GIA-Q is a chrome-plated overhead shower with a joint. The head comes in a rectangular shape with 200×200 mm area. This rain shower gives an unparalleled experience. It just feels like standing in the rain. It can be mounted on the ceiling.


This wall mounted chrome shower comes in circular shape with a 200mm shower head. This anti scale shower head offers a shower just like the rain. The multiple spray patterns make the shower help you regulate the velocity according to your convenience.


This is an italian style two-in-one shower. It comes with a 30×15 mm chromed shower column and AVON-Q 200×200 mm shower head. One you can use by hand, and the other one is also flexible. Choosing this can make your bathing more efficient at all levels. 

Bathing is not just the process of cleaning our body, but our mind too. To have such a bath you need  good bathroom products, and one of the important items is shower. And choose it as you are choosing something valuable in your life, without spending a fortune