These 6 Things Will Make Your Washbasin Shopping Perfect

December 23, 2020

The idea of home decor has been transforming from time to time. People love bringing astonishing ideas to their home decor. Interestingly, it is not confined in the directly visible parts of the home, but in all possible areas. This notion of becoming standard applies to sanitary products too. And one of the sanitary items that you have several choices to make is washbasin.

Undoubtedly, it would be a bit complicated to purchase a washbasin for there are a handful of things you should be aware of while selecting one. Yet, with this succinct guide, you won’t get disappointed or frustrated while or after your washbasin purchase.

Here comes 6 criteria that are meant to help you purchase confidently. However, let’s not begin the criteria by talking about the washbasin, but your bathroom.

Bathroom Interior

You want your interior distinguished in style but what if the washbasin alone looks different in the bathroom. It doesn’t look good, does it? Instead, a uniformity in look will lead to elegance. Being that said, it would be always better to choose the basin that’s suitable to the bathroom interior. Besides, choosing all of the sanitaryware from the same brand will give a standard look.

Number of Basins

It partly depends on two factors; the space you alloted for the basin, and the usage. Considering those two points, suitable basins are available in the market. Let us look at some of the variations available.

Single Basin: It consumes a small portion of the space. In most cases, it’s ideal for home since its availability in different forms.

Double Basin: When it comes to spacious homes, double basin elevates the luxury.

Multiple Basins: This is not a perfect option for a home, even if your home is spacious. More than luxury, it is preferable for the spaces where many people use basins at the same time; such as restaurants and offices.


Being stylish is not a new phenomenon. Every age has its own perception of style. There was a time when everyone wanted everything modern. It is all water under the bridge now. In our times, we are open to experiments and different styles. Well, this is applicable in the case of home decor, too. Let us look at some of the washbasin styles you can choose from.

Classic: Let’s start from Classic. This can be a bit expensive and comes mostly big in size. Yet, those who want to go for classic, the options are still available in the market.

Vintage: Vintage style does not come in a proper shape, and that’s the beauty of it. The antique nature brings another level of style.

Modern: It’s not always the notion of ‘modern’ when it comes to the modern used for washbasins. It rather refers to the new styles. What rules the market is, undoubtedly, modern.

Types of Wash Basin

To be honest, there are several types of washbasins but I’m not making your choice difficult by bringing all the available options. Instead, let us look at the most common yet satisfying types.

Countertop: This type of basin, as the name suggests, can be installed onto a counter. It is widely seen at homes as well as restaurants. Even though the basin plus counter take more space, it is easy to use and gives a standard outlook. Single as well as double basins mostly come under this type of basin.

Wall-Mounted: If you love to choose the minimalist design with lower price, wall-mounted type is the one you are searching for. This is quite easy to install, and does not require a large space. Besides, it can be  installed in a corner to save more space in your bathroom. Still, there are plentiful varieties among the wall-mounted wash basins.

Built-in: Well, we have seen two types above. Built-in can be the combination of both  wall-mounted and Countertop. For this, you do not need to install a separate counter or cabinet , instead it has a built-in counter and can be mounted on the wall.

Pedestal: Also known as free standing for it can be installed as linear to the floor. It does not need a counter and it is safer as it touches the floor.  You have  varied options to choose the height.

Console: Console takes you back to the old times. It mostly is quite large and can be used as single or double basins as per your requirement. A side is mounted on the wall and has two legs to support the other side of the basin. It is a bit more expensive than the others mentioned above.


Material used to make the basin deserves a huge attention. The material has the potential to determine the look, feel, and durability of the basin. Besides, it also depends on the interior as well.

Ceramic: As you know, ceramic is the most used material for basins. That’s the primary option for the majority while purchasing. It is perfect in different perspectives such as durability, look, easy to maintain and so on.

Stone: Marble washbasins have been trending lately. It is luxurious, expensive and promises high durability. The elegance of the stone basin is next level.

Glass: When it comes to glass basins, they are not often purely transparent. They come in different colors and shapes. The shining and style of this kind is unmatchable. The better maintenance can last its durability.

Stainless steel: This is not super common at homes, but mostly seen at restaurants. It can be maintained and cleaned easily.


Wash basins do come in various shapes and sizes. It all depends on the applicability of the shape of the bathroom interior. The shapes are not confined in rectangular and round. But you can get oval, square, octagonal conical, semi circular, and triangular shapes.

You will not have trouble purchasing a washbasin if you could follow these criteria. Along with these points, your perception of style has a vital role in purchasing the best one. Keeping all these in mind, have a satisfying shopping experience.