How to choose a shower curtain?

November 24, 2020

Does selecting the right one make a difference? Or is there a right one at all? Let’s look at some of the most crucial aspects that decide the versatility of bathroom shower curtains. First of all, shower curtains are vital to any bathroom. Apart from adding beauty and harmony to your space, they offer a myriad of benefits. A bath curtain prevents water from spilling outside, and thus, helps to maintain hygiene and safety.

Now, let’s dig deeper into the various aspects that play a crucial role in the quality of a shower curtain.

Choose waterproof shower curtains

Choosing the right material is almost like the key to shopping for the perfect curtain. Generally, shower curtains are available in three different materials – Vinyl, polyester, and Fabric.

How to choose a shower curtain?

Vinyl shower curtains

Vinyl curtains are universally preferred for several reasons, although it does have a few drawbacks.

Here are some pros and cons of vinyl shower curtains:


·         They are much cheaper – In fact, one of the many reasons why vinyl bath curtains became so popular is the fact it’s very budget-friendly.

·         Easy to maintain – vinyl curtains can be cleaned using regular detergents, and it is easy to remove dirt from this material


·         They are not durable. Although they are on the cheaper side during the time of the purchase, these curtains tend to lose their quality quickly.

·         Varieties not available – It’s frustrating when you don’t get what you want. Finding vinyl shower curtains with the design and texture that you want can sometimes be almost impossible.

·         Hasn’t got that look – While vinyl bathroom shower curtains are budget-friendly, in most cases it might not render the aesthetic value that you longed for.

Vinyl Shower Curtains.

Polyester Shower Curtains

The next favorite material for shower curtains is polyester. Polyester shower curtains are genuinely a versatile option, and it offers quite a lot of advantages.


·         They are more durable than vinyl curtains.

·         They are easy to maintain and can be washed by hand or machine.

·         They offer a better aesthetic value than vinyl ones

The only thing that you must keep in mind is that polyester shower curtains tend to be a tad too heavy. So, it’s vital to ensure that the shower rod and curtain hooks are robust enough.

Fabric Shower Curtains

Fabric Shower curtains

Fabric shower curtains are loved for the classy look it delivers. They offer a lot of advantages. Fabric curtains are available in a lot of diverse colours and patterns. They are easy to maintain and last longer, though they are more expensive.

Buy shower curtain Liners

Buy shower curtain liners

Although it might not seem especially important, shower liner can save a lot of trouble, especially if you’re using cotton shower curtains. Cotton materials tend to absorb water sooner than vinyl and plastic. A waterproof liner can prevent this from happening.

It’s advisable to look at these things before you purchase your bathroom shower curtain. In addition to all of these, it’s mandatory to ensure that all materials involved in the making of your shower curtains and liners have an anti-bacterial coating. Choosing a shower curtain made of the right material can save you a lot of time, effort, and money.